A simple link to online payment

It couldn't be easier: with Paylink you can generate a payment link in a few seconds. This can be sent automatically to your customers by email or on other channels, such as a messenger service. Customers can click the link and immediately pay online with the payment method they prefer.

One-off sale

Use the link to enter and carry out a spontaneous or one-off sale.

Selling without your own website

Perhaps you don't have your own website. With our Paylink you can still sell online. A checkout is created within seconds. The payment link can then be sent directly.

One link, many channels

Send the link automatically by email or simply copy it and send it via the platform of your choice: text message, online chat or other messenger service.

Automatic reminder function

Customers are automatically reminded if they haven't made their payment yet. So you don't need to worry about it!

Customisable receipt

Once payment has been made, you can create a confirmation email with a thank you note and a receipt for the customer.

“Reserving" money

With Paylink you can also "reserve" amounts of money. This blocks the money on the credit card for the time being. Payment can then be made within 7 days.

This is how it works!

Create a link

Our Paylink service helps you to sell products and services. Your Paylink page is customisable with your colours and logo, so your customers will recognise your brand. Then simply create a payment link for the customer.

Share the link

Send the link automatically by email, or simply copy and send it via the platform of your choice: text message, online chat or other messenger service.

Receive the payment

Track your transactions in our dashboard or in the Paylink portal.

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