Submit an authorization request

With the authorization hotline you can request authorizations via telephone. When you submit for an authorization request it is a conversation that happens between you and the issuer to determine whether the authorization should be approved or declined.

How do I submit an authorization request via telephone – step by step?

  1. Please call tel. no. +49 7933 2211
  2. Type in merchant ID – VP number
  3. Type in card number
  4. Type in expiration date on card
  5. Type in security digits back on the card
  6. Choose standard currency
  7. Choose amount
  8. You will now be informed whether the authorization request has been approved or declined


Approved authorization request:

If the authorization is approved, you will receive a six-digit authorization code. The approved response indicates that the account is in good standing, has enough funds or credit available to cover the transaction, and that the card is active.

Declined authorization request:

If the authorization is declined, you will be re-directed to speak with an agent in customer care to process the authorization request manually. The declined response may indicate technical problems or card related issues. The card may have been reported lost or stolen, the account isn’t in good standing, or there aren’t sufficient funds available to cover the transaction.

Opening hours:

Authorization requests can be submitted 24/7/365.


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65760 Eschborn
069 7922 4060

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