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Fully integrated cash till systems. Easy operation.

Fully integrated cash till systems for your business

A payment process is good when it works conveniently and smoothly for the customer and when it reduces your workload. The integrated cash till solutions from Nexi are made for seamless integration into existing systems. That means extra service for your customers and less work for you.

Much has changed since the invention of the cash register in 1879: ‘payment’ has taken on a whole new meaning; bricks-and-mortar shops transitioned into online business; and traditional cash drawers were replaced by modern cash till systems. But that is not where the progress stops: international e-commerce, innovative wallet solutions and the increasing popularity of card payments have made it necessary to expand and to network existing systems – an integrated cash till solution is the answer.

What defines an integrated cash till solution?

A good cash till solution must be integrated in two respects: first, a cash register or cash till system has to be combined with additional hardware and software to form a holistic system; Second, this system must be seamlessly incorporated into an existing or newly built infrastructure. Only then can it be ensured that operation will be simplified, the customer experience will be improved and, as a result, sales will be increased.

As your cash till system provider, Nexi can offer you both services. We provide you with the necessary peripheral devices and advise you on the specific needs of your industry – after all, an efficient payment solution must be perfectly tailored to the type of business. As a hotelier, for example, you benefit from our Payment Gateway with integrated Oracle MICROS interface, which is implemented seamlessly into your existing back-office system. This allows you to manage your sales and booking processes within the same solution.

Additionally, we offer cash till solutions for the following industries, among others:

  • Gastronomy
  • Hotels
  • Retail
  • Kiosk
  • Petrol station
  • Medical practice
  • Pharmacy

Buying a cash till system

Regardless of which economic sector you operate in, your professional cash till solution should not be without the following devices and functions:

With Nexi, you can simply add these functions and activate them overnight - without any additional hardware. Let our experts advise you.

Payment Gateway - best solution for hotels

Perfect integration in existing systems

Are your payments already processed using an existing system? As a hotelier, do you use a property management system (PMS)? As a retailer or restaurateur, do you use a point-of-sale (POS) checkout system? Then you need easy integration into your existing checkout system for the seamless processing of your payments.

Nexi Payment Gateway is the right payment solution for you, because it can be integrated using a tailored interface. Do you often have international customers who make use of tax-free shopping or guests from China who would like to pay using UnionPay and Alipay? With our Payment Gateway, you have a Europe-wide solution that features the utmost in security, perfect process optimisation and first-class additional functions.

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