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Core Academy is an institution focused on basic and advanced training in Assisted Reproduction Techniques ART. In close cooperation with leading industry partners in the field and with a focus on the quality of laboratory performance and clinical outcome, serving the needs of our entrusted patients, we feel committed in dissipating the knowledge of optimized utilization of the provided technology, serving the needs of our globalized world and to help to satisfy the demand of highly skilled and motivated operators who make the success story of ART possible every single day. 

What could be a better place for a venue in this field than Dubai, the center of now, the hub for trade, business and knowledge, where the world meets and where the future is invented every day anew, where the aspirations of mankind become reality and where hope and optimism motivate man to define great aims for the future.

Core Academy

TEM images by Prof. Dr. Hans-Wilhelm Michelmann and Dr. Peter Schwarz

A tailored repertoire of skills and and state of the art equipment, always operated with respect to cost orientation, well supported and maintained is the key to success. Be sure Core Academy will be your partner for life in IVF.

Our training team consist out of highly experienced embryologists. We will provide you with deep insight and confidence about all the techniques you need to achieve outstanding performance resulting in impressive clinical results. All of us are open to your input and questions and to discuss your own strategies and concepts and their applicability and may be pitfalls and risks in practice. We will allocate time for your needs and questions and share with you the individualized path to excellent result.

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Our Core Training


Each year a greater number of fertility treatments are performed around the world. Therefore, it is important for aspiring doctors and embryologists who want to establish themselves in the field of ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) or who are already active in the field, to be trained regularly in a comprehensive program encompassing practical evidence based medical science as well as the knowledge and skills necessary to make best use out of the impressive opportunities the optimized application of the technology available today offers in the modern ART laboratory.

We ensure that at the end of our intensive training program, each participant will be up-to-date in his or her clinical knowledge and aware of the workings of an IVF Lab.

The Core Academy Promise


Our Partners

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